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ESPN Ranks Virginia Tech Fans 15th Happiest in the Nation

Categories included program power, rivalry dominance, and coaching stability.

ESPN The Party - Inside Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images for ESPN

Are you feeling elated? According to ESPN, you should be. ESPN released a happiness rating for fan bases in all of college football. Virginia Tech landed at number 15 in the nation. There were several other A.C.C. schools in the top 25. Florida State (2), Louisville (4), Clemson (8), and Miami (16) all had satisfied fan bases. First game foe, West Virginia, landed at number 49. In state rival, UVa, stumbled in at number 110. You can take a look at the entire list here. Some of the categories Virginia Tech scored high on were: Program Power (77) Coaching Stability (91) and Rivalry Dominance (73).

While the Hokie fan base was labeled “Elated”, the Cavaliers weren’t so lucky. They were labeled “Distraught”. According to ESPN, the explanation was “Underperforming against rivals Virginia Tech and UNC can take a toll on your fans.” It was also humorous to see that their Coaching Stability metric was a paltry 48.