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Linebacker Corps Getting High Praise

Phil Steele expects big thing from the position group.

Virginia v Virginia Tech Photo by Michael Shroyer/Getty Images

In the latest Phil Steele’s College Preview, there are a few highlights for Virginia Tech Hokie fans. I like how Steele breaks down position groups nationally, and the LB corps landed at the number nine spot. He points out, “This year the unit remains intact and 5 have starting experience.”

Steele is projecting the starters like this: Andrew Motuapuaka (MLB), Tremaine Edmunds (OLB), Mook Reynolds (WHIP). That alone is a pretty impressive crew. Factor in Deon Newsome, Sean Huelskamp, Tavante Beckett, and some other youngsters, and the Hokies are truly building quality depth.

Edmunds is the biggest physical specimen. He measures 6’5”, and weighs 236. He talked at a recent presser about playing faster, and could possibly have a breakout season for the Hokies. This unit had a down campaign in 2015, got better last year, and should be vastly better this season. The fact that a national publication thinks so highly of this group should get you excited!