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Hokie Pokie Is Gone, and I’m Not Mad About It

The tradition goes away, will you really miss it?

Allstate Sugar Bowl - Michigan v Virginia Tech Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

For those of you who have never had the honor of attending a game in person at Lane Stadium, there is a tradition at the end of the third quarter. The band assembles in the north end zone, and plays the Hokie Pokie. Some people get up in the stands and dance said “Pokie”. I never danced. I thought it was, at its best, on alumni weekend. The former students really seemed to dig it. At its worst, it seemed cheesy and a true buzzkill. I can still hear the tuba section playing the last notes of it whenever I hear the song.

The release from reads as such:

Following the conclusion of the third quarter this season, the Marching Virginians will play VPI Victory March followed by a blast from Skipper and an honorary guest leading the “Let’s Go, Hokies!” cheer alternating between the east and west stands. Tech Triumph will then set the stage for the fourth quarter with additional music if time permits.

The article goes on to say that the Hokie Pokie will be played at some point during some games. I, for one, won’t miss it at all.