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“Stick It In” The Real Casualty

The real Hokies miss “S.I.I.” way more than some 4th grade dance routine.

Miami v Virginia Tech Photo by Michael Shroyer/Getty Images

Gobbler Country has done its due diligence. How many actual Hokie fans are mad about losing the Hokie Pokie? At last count it was 40. An interesting trend has occurred. The Hokie fans miss a subtle, excellent cheer. That cheer was simply known as: Stick It In. Any Virginia Tech drive that stalled in the red zone got this cheer. It was an homage to the drum line, and got the crowd seriously fired up. It got butts out of seats. It made 65 year old women drop their hot dogs and get their groove on. It was collective, loud, and inspiring. Those are all things that make Lane, Lane. ICYFI (In Case You Forgot It)...:

It is everything I love about college football. It was the band thumbing their collective nose at the “man”. It is laughable that the lumbering Hokie Pokie has a petition page while “Stick It In” is slowly fading from the memory banks of Hokies everywhere. Come on Tech. We are so much better.