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Tim Settle For Piesman!

The award goes to a lineman that runs, throws, or catches a ball in a spectacular fashion.

NCAA Football: Virginia Tech at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

The official SBNation Piesman award watch list is out, and Virginia Tech’s Tim Settle is on the list. The Piesman awards the giant players that play in the trenches, but show grace and incredible athletic ability when handling the football. These touches are incredibly rare for lineman, so a singular play can make all the difference in the world. Brian O’Neil, from Pitt, scored on a trick play that netted him the Piesman.

We need your help Hokie fans. We need a hype video for Tim, and frankly, I am terrible at video editing. Please email us if you have something in mind! The award is voted on by several media outlets including Bleacher Report, CBS Sports, and Sports Illustrated. Fan voting also plays a role deciding the winner. That’s where you come in, Hokies. In case you need to be reminded how awesome Tim is, check his “mic’d up” video from practice: