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Lord I was Born a Gamblin’ Man

Take all the money tonight, and put it on #Buckeyes

Ohio State v Indiana Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

First two rules of football gambling: No one gambles on college football. No one gambles on college football. Well..screw the rules. At kickoff, the Ohio State Buckeyes are a 21 point favorite over the Indiana Hoosiers. Buckeye Nation, how the mighty have fallen. I can remember, in recent memory, where the Bucks were a 35 point lean to crush the #Hooze. J.T. Barrett is poised to put a bunch of points up in Indiana. What we have here boys is a Stonecutter scenario. Local boys make good type piece. Neigh. Buckeyes are wicked better, and will boat race the sh*t out of the Hoosiers. Barrett will light the Hoosiers up like a roman candle. If he doesn’t throw for three undy, I will eat a Buckeye cap live on facebook. Urban Meyer has rocked the beard two weeks too long, and the Buckeyes are fixing to eat...The game is only interesting thanks to ESPN. Now prepare for pain.