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The 2017 Virginia Tech Media Guide Is Here

It’s getting close to kickoff and we are ready!

2017 Virginia Tech Media Guide Courtesy Virginia Tech Athletics
Photo Courtesy of Roy Hatfield

I love looking in my mailbox and seeing the new media guide every season. It lets me know the season is just around the corner, and I love reading this guide. It’s slam full of all things Hokie football. It has all the stats, all the weights and heights. It has everything you need to know surrounding Virginia Tech Football. If you need to know the historical record between Virginia Tech and an opponent, check the guide. If you need to know which game featured the most interception return yards, check the guide. This thing is invaluable when researching articles, and producing stats during our live tweets or wrap up articles.

This edition features Coach Fuente on the cover with some old fashioned braggin’.

-24 Straight Bowls-America’s Longest Active Streak

-13 Straight Commonwealth Cup Wins (I love digging at the school up north)

-Lunch Pail D-781 Sacks and 360 INTs Lead Nation Since 1996

-12 10-Win Seasons since 1999-Second In Nation

Needless to say that’s strong sauce. Getting my media guide tonight inspired me for some smack talk of my own...