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Check out This Slick Virginia Tech, West Virginia EA Sim

Facebook user, Mark Fain jr, shared this cool you tube video.

John Schneider - SB Nation

Looking through my facebook feed, I ran across a pretty cool share. Mark Fain jr posted a you tube link for a EA West Virginia, Virginia Tech sim using projected rosters for both clubs. The video originated from a website called, and features the full game. Reading the preface to the video, it claims a group called Operations Sports actually did the sim. It is pretty interesting to watch, especially as they predict Joshua Jackson as the starter for the Hokies.

The following are some spoilers if you don’t want to watch the entire 45 minute simulation. West Virginia quarterback, Will Grier, had a a horrible night, throwing multiple red zone interceptions. The Virginia Tech defense really put the clamps down on the potent West Virginia offense, allowing a paltry six points. Brandon Facyson was the player of the game with two interceptions. It was really neat to watch the simulation which imported the rankings of the projected starters. Thanks for the great share Mark!