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Beware West Virginia: Captain Fuente is Coming For You

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Capt. Justin Fuente is an absolute must follow.

Social Media Site Twitter Debuts On The New York Stock Exchange Photo by Bethany Clarke/Getty Images

Calling all social media savvy Hokies. I would like to introduce to you the funniest damn thing I’ve seen in a long time. It’s a parody coaching account that is actually hilarious. The user has the twitter handle @CaptFuente and is spectacular. The bit is pretty simple. Imagine Coach Fuente as a Civill War era captain that writes letters home to his beloved mother. The user is also adept at photoshop.

Profile photo @CaptFuente

O.K. that in itself is hilarious. It only gets better:

You can’t chalk this account up as a one trick pony. It’s topical as well. The Hokies are traveling north to D.C. to face West Virginia on Sunday, and CaptFuente gives us this:

The concept of this account is awesome. My only beef is that the good captain has only tweeted six times since its inception. I guess that’s pretty good production considering he is hand writing the letters, stamping them with his wax seal, and trusting the pony express delivers this pure awesomeness.