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Going To East Carolina Still Scares Me

James Madison beat them. West Virginia owned them. Why am I still nervous about a trip down to Greenville?

East Carolina v Virginia Tech Photo by Michael Shroyer/Getty Images

It’s that weird rivalry week. We don’t consider East Carolina on our level, yet those damn Pirates have gotten us the last two years out of three. We do own the history with these booty chasers, but I still feel uneasy. The Pirates made some off field news today as the relieved defensive coordinator, Kenwick Thompson. He has a new, yet undefined role in the program. Second year coach, Scottie Montgomery, apparently wasn’t too pleased with the momentum on defense. Coming off a 3-9 season, the Pirates are getting desperate. This should be all good for the Hokies, except this is a game that East Carolina circles every year. This “new money” rivalry has been chronicled extensively by SBNation, and more specifically our site. All I know, I hate seeing Dowdy-Ficklen stadium on our radar.

First off, the game will be surely sold out. They will bring all types of special tactics to distract the Hokies. There will be talk all week about how they can salvage their season if they pull the upset. Let’s be honest, Delaware exposed some fatal flaws in the Hokies’ offense, and a recharged defensive unit could be problematic for a freshman quarterback in a hostile environment. I do think the Hokies will win, but you can never sleep on a Pirate.