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We are so close people. Let’s Make This Happen

Thanks everyone for helping us build this.

SB Nation United Gobbler Country Logo

I completely understand that I am breaking fourth wall protocol. I need your help Hokie Nation. It won’t cost you a dime, I promise. Gobbler Country is the best site for all things Virginia Tech. Swimming, volleyball, band, baseball, wrestling, we do it all. I love college football, but we give ALL the sports air time. We will write about gymnastics, lacrosse, and every sport in between. We all have one thing in common: We love Virginia Tech. That is why we want to expand our reach. We are just shy of five thousand followers on our twitter account.

I humbly ask all of the Virginia Tech community. Follow us, or suggest us to a friend. We love the Hokies just like you do, and this will be a significant milestone in our history. Please check our facebook page for videos and other amazing Virginia Tech content. Thanks so much for our existing fanbase, we do it for you!