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Sam Rogers Not The Only Hokie Cut Today

Virginia v Virginia Tech Photo by Michael Shroyer/Getty Images

There were some former Virginia Tech players cut today from the N.F.L.. Sam Rogers was let go by the Los Angeles Rams. Unfortunately for Hokies in the N.F.L., he wasn’t the only casualty on “cut day”. Woody Baron was waived. Ken Ekanem was waived. Ryan Malleck was cut. Nick Becton was cut. This has been a particularly bad day for all Hokie fans everywhere. Oh, did I mention Vinson Painter was also cut? I get it. The N.F.L. is a business, but this was the equivalent of a Hokies blood bath. We do have two “new” Hokies still on rosters. Bucky Hodges made the Vikings, and has performed well in the preseason. Isaiah Ford is hurt, but hopefully he will get a chance to make the Dolphins’ 53 when he gets healthy.

I have the highest hopes for Hodges in the recent batch of Hokie pros, but again, the N.F.L. is such a meat grinder, we will wait and see.