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Virginia tech football: How much will the Clemson Game Cost Me?

Ticket market index is blowing up!

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ACC Championship - Clemson v Virginia Tech Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

This is the true measure of a good game. I check several ticket re-sellers, and kind of put the ticket price into context. The Virginia Tech Hokies versus the Clemson Tigers is the primo game of the season at Lane Stadium. Let’s see how much it costs, fees and all, to get into the stadium for the match up! For those not familiar with the series, we use for all the tickets. Before you write me a terse email regarding personal connections, save it. This is for the average Virginia Tech fan who wants to see us beat Clemson in person.

Cheapskate: $153.00 Each

These tickets will be in a word, disappointing. You are so high up, you need a Sherpa, oxygen, and an actual physical map. You are in the game, but at what cost?

Midgrade: $172.80 Each

You are low, on the Virginia Tech side. ON THE FIVE YARD LINE. While it not may be a bad seat, it pretty much sucks. I hope your neck can crane, because boy, IT WILL CRANE. You do have a good spot for seeing the jumbotron, so there is that.

High Rollers: $337.50 Each

I have people that get me things type seats. For this price, Fuente should let you return a punt. They are sexy. Row L. 12 rows from the action you will sit, casting judgement to all those plebs in the corners.