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Clemson Fans’ Guide To Blacksburg

Welcome to our little slice of heaven!

Old Dominion v Virginia Tech Photo by Michael Shroyer/Getty Images

This game between the Virginia Tech Hokies and the Clemson Tigers is getting bigger and bigger. Gobbler Country has written several articles detailing the match up, and we are getting some great comments from Clemson fans. They are concerned about a number of things: where to park, where to eat, and where to have a beer, not necessarily in that order. Blacksburg is a very welcoming community that loves out of town money. There has only been one time in the past 20 years that things got out of hand. Nick Saban brought L.S.U. to Blacksburg for an afternoon matinee, and things spiraled out of control on Friday night. The Virginia State Police were called in, and Main Street was effectively shut down. Don’t expect that, Clemson fans. You folks know how to act. You have mingled with Alabama fans, so your tolerance level is pretty high.

Nightlife is pretty simple. Main Street is a great place to start. There a few bars that have that awesome college vibe that makes a road game worth it. I recommend Champs, P.K.’s, and Hokie House. All decent beer joints, nothing to brag about, but fun. I totally dig Top Of The Stairs (T.O.T.S.). If you hear some hot coeds say TOTS, this is what they are talking about. It’s a really eclectic spot with decks, music and a concoction they call the Rail. Imagine a cup filled with liquor, topped with liquor, served with a side of liquor. BTW it costs like 5 bucks. It literally is at the top of some stairs, so be ready.

Other handy pointers include Kroger’s. This is a great tailgate stock room located on Price’s Fork Road. Kroger’s has an amazing deli, with above average fried chicken. They also have other sundries you might be desperate for in a time of need. Beer. Ice. Sunscreen. Food. Coolers. Batteries. They will pretty much will have anything you need for your time in the New River Valley. When you finish your wild shopping spree at Kroger’s, it’s time to find a place to dine. My vote will get plenty of crap from the locals, but it’s consistent, reasonable, and fun. When you leave Kroger’s, look across the street and see...Macado’s.

This spot should be on Food Network. It’s not fancy, and it’s not expensive. It’s simply straight forward deli/sandwich/wings/burgers/beer. I will also add that it is one of the most unusual dining rooms in town. It’s clutch. They have great servers (ALL HOKIES), great food, and you won’t go broke eating like a champion.

Parking is a big concern. For that, I will open up the room, but hear this Clemson: WELCOME TO TOWN!