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Virginia Tech football : Three Crazy Takes For Clemson

Deshaun Watson is gone, so there won’t be any issues and other ramblings.

ACC Championship - Clemson v Virginia Tech Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

When I forecast wins and losses, I look at a few things. Some of them are quarterbacks, returning offensive line starts, coaching clout. I penciled the Clemson Tigers versus the Virginia Tech Hokies as a loss for the Hokies. Now, I’m not so sure. I spend WAY too much time on the message boards, facebook, and the tweeter. I pick my favorite insane comments for an article we like to call: Three Insane Takes for (Insert opponent here). With that being said, here we go....

1.) Clemson can’t go on the road and beat a real team.

Keep in mind Hokie fans, the Clemson Tigers went on the road to humiliate Lamar Jackson and the Louisville Cardinals. Did I fail to mention that College Gameday was in town to visit Bobby Petrino and company? Did you see that crap show? Clemson outclassed Louisville in every aspect of the game. Do you remember that Clemson went to a neutral site and beat Saint Nick and the Alabama Crimson Tide ? Virginia Tech needs to bring the ammo, or it will be a beatdown in Blacksburg.

2.) Josh Jackson is NOT ready for prime time.

Hello, West Virginia Mountaineers, nice of you to join the conversation. All Jackson has done is take command as a redshirt freshman and perform at the highest level for the first four weeks of the season. I get it. The Coastal is not won or lost with this game, but let’s be honest. Jackson is the real deal. The team has bought in. I’m not ready to invite Josh Jackson to Manhattan for the Heisman Trophy ceremony, but he has afforded himself very well in every situation.

3.) Bud Foster’s defense may be the weak link.

No team has scored a touchdown in Lane Stadium this season. I hear you nay-sayers. We really haven’t been tested at home by a proper opponent. I think that Bud and company will dial up something we haven’t seen in awhile at Lane. EXOTIC BLITZES, and generally bringing the effing heat. Corners, safeties, LB’s, will all be part of the rush package. Look for Mook Reynolds to be a super stud in the Sunday stat line.


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    44-3 Virginia Tech
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    28-14 Virginia Tech
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