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Pregame Thread- Virginia Tech vs. West Virginia

Preparing for the season opener with West Virginia here at FedEx field in Landover, MD.

Credit Joshua Schneider- Gobbler Country

Well, with the news that Sam Rogers will be going to the Rams' practice squad- and Bucky Hodges was cut by the Vikings- it's time to move on to game day.

The game will be broadcast on ABC with kickoff scheduled to 7:30PM today.

Five big questions I've got for this game:

1. How will Josh Jackson do as a quarterback for the first time in a big game? I know he's got experience in the Michigan state playoffs, but how will he do now that he's the full time starter at a time at which most of the offense is in flux around him?

2. Will the right side of the offensive line work? Out with Augie Conte and Jonathan McLaughlin, in with Braxton Pfaff and Kyle Chung. But Chung was a center last year and we've never seen Pfaff on the field…will the new starters be effective in their roles, or will they crumble?

3. Can the running game be efficient? With such a poor rushing efficiency last year, the Hokies will look to get the ground game going for the first time in 2017 with a combination of Travon McMillian, Steven Peoples, Jalen Holston, and DeShawn McClease in some unknown configuration. I'm like Coach Fuente here: I don't care who gets the yards as long as SOMEONE gets them.

4. Will the back end be as good as advertised? Returning everyone but Chuck Clark from the back seven, will the Hokies defnes ebe able to cover the field against Will Grier and the West Virginia Offense? A lot of that will depend on how the newly rebuilt defensive line will play. If Tim, Ricky, Vinny, and Travon Hill can get pressure, hopefully the back 7 won't have to carry this thing themselves.

5. Can our kicking game find consistency with Oscar Bradburn? I know, I know, you're really worried about punting at a time like this? I am. Because a football team doesn't (practically) score every time they have the ball/ (hopefully not) turn the ball over all the time. Bradburn has never seen a live football game with people trying to come kill him. Let's see how that does for the first time tonight.

Stick by Gobbler Country for our Gamethread and watch our twitter at @GobblerCountry as I livetweet the game as best as possible.