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Hurricane Irma Bigger Than Football

Thoughts and prayers to Floridians, no matter what team they love.

Florida Begins Preparing For Hurricane Irma Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

With Hurricane Irma bearing down on the U.S. mainland, and interesting thing happened on twitter today. The Miami Hurricanes were slated to travel to play Arkansas State on Saturday, but due to Irma, the game got cancelled. This is the smart play. Or so I thought. Then, the twittersphere went after the ‘Canes for cancelling the game.

I just don’t get it. Living on the gulf coast, I have endured Ivan and Katrina. Folks, let me tell you, football was not a top priority. Water was a priority. Gas was a priority. Food was a priority. My family’s safety: TOP PRIORITY. I wouldn’t have even watched Virginia Tech during the hurricane. I couldn’t if I wanted to. To see fans get this bent out of shape of a meaningless non-con money game is ridiculous. Cam Underwood runs The State of the U, which is the SBNation Miami Hurricanes’ site. Cam is involved in suicide prevention, creating quality content, and generally all around good dude. I detest the Hurricanes, but dude does an excellent job covering his team. He might be losing everything he owns in south Florida. Instead of getting supportive messages, he was defending the team’s decision to cancel the game.

Folks, I hate Miami more than anyone, but come the hell on. THIS IS LIFE AND DEATH. People were telling the team to leave today. Would you want to leave today and possibly not be able to get back home for days or weeks? Gobbler Country will have all the folks (‘Canes included) affected by Irma in our thoughts and prayers over the next few days. Stay safe, and be nice to each other, people. Football will have to wait for another day.