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Gobbler Country Staff Picks

What will the score be when Virginia Tech hosts Delaware for the first time?

NCAA Football: West Virginia vs Virginia Tech Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

You know what time it is. The staff writers at Gobbler Country give you a prediction for Saturday’s contest. All the writers picked Virginia Tech last week, and I have a feeling the trend will continue this week.

Jawhar Ali (1-0)

This game really shouldn't raise my heart rate to unhealthy levels like Sunday's game did. I'm expecting this one to be over by halftime. Delaware is said to be one of the better FCS teams in the nation, but unless Joe Flacco comes back for a game, I don't think they will be able score enough to keep up with the Hokies' offense. I do want to see the Hokies continue to be careful with the football on offense, while force a few interceptions or fumbles on defense. Play clean and smart, stay healthy, win and move onto next week.

Hokies 44-13.

Jay Johnson (1-0)

Last week the Delaware Fightin’ Blue Hens thumped the Delaware State Hornets, 3-22. In 2016 the Hens also opened up with a win over their in-state rivals, but finished the season 4-7. Although the Hokies are coming off a short week expect them to control of this game from start to finish, and work on some of the deficiencies revealed in the WVU victory. On offense, I am hoping to see Jackson and receivers not named Cam Phillips work on their chemistry. Defensively I would like to see the depth of the DL get some reps. Hokies win their home opener, 42-17.

John Schneider (1-0)

This one is a hard one. I get all of the creepy weird feelings that I had going into the JMU game. FCS team... no big deal... just a scrimmage... easy peasy blowout... play the scrubs. It gives me a serious headache. Liberty, last season, was supposed to be a push over, except that it wasn't and they pushed us hard in the first half. Delaware routinely bubbles up in the FCS to challenge. I anticipate Tech winning this matchup. We need to get some work for the 2's the defensive line backups struggled mightily on Sunday. Tremaine has to pick it up. He was virtually non-existant anywhere in any stat-sheet from last week. Terrell needs a rest, frankly I wouldn't even put him on the field. The right side of the offensive line needs work, reps. The running game timing on some of the option plays was poor. The offense needs to get the running game timed out and the blocking patterns for the zones polished up. I'd like to see more receivers get into the act, and Joey needs a workout with some successes to get his confidence back up. Again, though, it's the Defensive Line that needs to redeem itself from putting Bud Foster in the position of going to a 3-1-7 defense in the first five minutes of the 3rd. Tech wins: 41 - 20 That'll be a with Delaware getting a garbage time TD.

Josh Schneider (1-0)

I want to see the depth chart out of this game. Get in, blow them off the field early, get out. No offense to Delaware but we need to take care of business and fast so we can get the first team a break and worn on developing some much needed depth. I want Cornelsen to experiment with wide receiver combinations and maybe see some interesting new names pop up. Delaware wasn't a good FCS team last year and we need to boatrace them. Expect the defense to be spoiling for a fight after almost getting housed on Sunday.

Tech 42 Delaware 13

Roy Hatfield (1-0)

I love a 2:30 kick. Plenty of time to eat breakfast. Then bourbon, then an old fashioned Lane beat down. This will not be pretty. The Delaware offense is limited at best, and we have a speed advantage in every category. Let the good times roll in Blacksburg, 47-7 Hokies.

Bryan Manning (1-0)

With all due respect to Delaware, this game is coming at the perfect time for the Hokies. Fresh off a prime-time win over a good West Virginia team, the Blue Hens are the perfect opponent to open the home portion of the season with. The offense will have a big day and some younger players, like Phil Patterson and Eric Kumah, will get more involved in the offense. We'll also see some younger players get time on the defense in hopes of bolstering the depth before ACC season arrives. Hokies win this one easily, 45-10.