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How to Watch:Virginia Tech and Delaware

The Gamethread starts here people!!!

NCAA Football: West Virginia vs Virginia Tech Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

I’ve got you covered here Hokies. But first let me try to sell you something. If you aren’t a full fledged member of Gobbler Country, shame on you. Register on our site, and you can talk shop with the writers that provide you such excellent content. I’ll let you in on a little secret: Our guys are living on this Game Thread during games. We make pithy comments, observations, and pretty much alcohol infused diatribes.

We LOVE user comments. We include YOU. Your voice matters to us, and we love interacting with true Virginia Tech fans. We all love the team. Why not watch the game and type your stream of thought on our sight? Create an account (FREE) and join our chat and let us know how you really feel. There are a lot of poser sites that like hearing crap commentary. We just want honesty. If you join us here, you will understand, we talk smack, bust balls, and generally bring the Hokie community to life.

Sandman Commeth!
John Schneider - SB Nation