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Hokie Nation Angry After Blackout

The stream was in and out, and the fans shared their displeasure on twitter.

ESPN The Party - Inside Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images for ESPN

There are certain weekends each season I’m required to work, and can’t watch the Hokies play live. I found myself with a bunch of company on Saturday, as the ESPN stream was problematic at best. I knew something was amiss, when our press box reporter, Jawhar Ali, periscoped the opening ceremonies, and twitter started asking for help.

People hoped that they could see the game from the press box, but alas, ESPN paid bucketfuls of money to NOT SHOW THE GAME.

So the people were wanting us to broadcast the game (illegal) with either FB Live or periscope on a crappy cell signal. ESPN’s budget for football is in the millions. Jawhar’s budget for cell phones is significantly less. My favorite tweets were what I like to call, ESPN fails.

We get that ESPN is still trying to figure out the ACC Network pieces, but today was unacceptable. Raycom could have delivered a better product. I am a recent cord cutter, and if my PS4 couldn’t stream it, I would have been pissed as well.