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Virginia Tech Football : Fuente Extension on the horizon?

Virginia Tech v Virginia Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images

You have to love social media. There are rumors circulating that head coach, Justin Fuente, and staff are poised to receive a salary increase. The chatter started early Sunday afternoon, and all the arm chair experts are confirming the story. There is one glaring issue: The school has released nothing. The conjecture online stems directly from the interest from the Florida State Seminoles. While the ‘Noles settled for Taggert, the silence from Blacksburg was deafening. To be fair, Fuente was out recruiting when the “Fuente to ‘Noles” story was trending. Fuente went out soon after and set the record straight, letting many Hokies sleep well.

It would seem to play in Whit Babcock’s method. He generally rewards performance. While the Virginia Tech Hokies did not reach the A.C.C. title game as in the previous season, one could argue the Hokies over performed. Losing Jerod Evans, Bucky Hodges, and Isaiah Ford to the N.F.L. made things difficult in Blacksburg. Throw into the mix a freshman QB, and many Hokies would argue the coaches deserve more dough.