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Virginia Tech Hokies in the Pros: Kendall Fuller traded to the Chiefs

It looks like Kendall Fuller goes to the great plains and the roar of Arrowhead Stadium. The completely inscrutable Washington Redskin personnel management staff trades Fuller to the Chiefs for QB Alex Smith.

Virginia Tech v Purdue Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Well, that was shocking, if not completely confusing, and with further thought a frustratingly wasteful trade move by the Washington Redskins. Former Virginia Tech Defensive Secondary standout Kendall Fuller, who went out early for the NFL draft, has now gone out early for the NFL trade bait box. Fuller and a third round draft pick have been traded to the Kansas City Chiefs for an aged above average game managing Alex Smith.

The woosies don’t seem to go away when you consider that it seems the ‘Skins are writing off Kirk Cousins - that’s bad enough because of a thousand reasons - but they are, again, draining their young and inexpensive talent pool for old and overly expensive marginal players. That’s a commentary for another time and a different site.

Suffice it to say, Torrian Gray is going to be shy of a ball hawking defensive back in an already dicey and swiss cheesy secondary, and the third round pick that might have helped him fill that hole is gone to the team that pulled that particular plug. We won’t talk about Washington player personnel management skill, here, either.

We will see how Fuller works into the Chiefs’ defensive plans for the 2018 season. Their offense is going to be interesting with 2nd year QB Patrick Mahomes.

Kendall’s stats page on ESPN is already listed for the Chiefs.

Good luck to him. I lived a year of my life at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. The Chiefs are the big football draw, and they are the kings of the KC sports hill. It’s a nice place if you can deal with the tornado warnings.

Good Luck Kendall!