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Gobbler Country’s: Hokie Evening News Round Up #8-4

It’s been super rainy and sports boring today, here in B’Burg. The wind has picked up and Tropical Storm Michael is expected to clip by skirting east of the Blue Ridge. There are some football announcements and a few around town things to report.

Warming up before UNC 2017
John Schneider - SB Nation

It’s raining, windy, and the Virginia Tech sports scene sort of mimics the weather, today. Too much going on having nothing to do with sports.

Hokie Football

Sirs! The Uniform of the Day is Classic Home; Glossy Maroon Helmet, Maroon Jerseys, and white pants! Sirs!

For those who haven’t guessed it, Carolina is going to wear white at home on Saturday.

The big news is that Chamarri Connor is going to be wearing the #25 for the game this Saturday. That’s a big deal because Connor is a true freshman. Way to go Chamarri!

Hokies in the NFL

Big Tim, Stro, and Adonis were on the sideline for the Notre Dame game. After what happened to the Redskins that Monday night, they might have wanted to stay for a bit longer in Blacksburg.

Hokie Soccer


The Men’s Soccer Team will be hosting Pitt on Friday evening. They really could use a pick me up after last week’s drop.

Hokie Basketball


Coach Williams talks to the media. It was Media Day, wasn’t it? Tip off time is getting closer, and the Hokies have an experienced team for a change.

Coach Beamer to be Honored by the Murray State Racers this weekend.

Someone needs to send a big Hokie Bird painted in Murray State Racer colors to them. The guy under Beamer’s arm is some guy named Wiles. The Blacksburg Chapter of the Murray State Racer Alumni Association is a pretty prestigious bunch. Coach Wiles, Coach Foster, and Coach Fuente. If you add Coach Beamer to the mix you have the core of the Virginia Tech football program for the last 31 years. The Racers deserve a nod from us, they really do.

Well, that’s it for this evening. Time to get back to the analysis for the game.