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Virginia Tech Hokies vs. North Carolina Tar Heels: GC Staff Predictions

So it’s staff predictions and the weekly poll. How is it going to unfold this evening. We have a 2-0 (ACC) Hokie squad facing a struggling Tar Heels organization. It has all the makings of a route, and all the makings of something else. What is it going to be?

Almost blocked it!
John Schneider - SB Nation

It’s time for the Gobbler Country Predictions. It looks like we are all pretty much in the zone for a Hokie win, with a bit of cautiousness put into the mix. Everyone remembers “The Game” and we really don’t want the Hokies to repeat that fiasco.

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Joshua Schneider

No idea at all considering this team is a bit flaky. I think they win because UNC is not good.

34-24 Hokies

Jay Johnson

The last time the Hokies and the Heels met in Chapel Hill both were ranked in the top 25 and UNC fell to VT, 34-3 during the rainy remnants of Hurricane Matthew. Neither one of the teams meeting this Saturday evening resemble the squads that met on that stormy Saturday. UNC has fallen far since the departure of Mitch Trubisky to the Chicago Bears. The Hokies have since suffered similar attrition with the departure of Logan Thomas, Bucky Hodges, Isaiah Ford, the Edmunds brothers… the list goes on. Justin Fuente and the Fighting Gobblers have been able to recover from their player departures better than Larry Fedora and the Tar Heels, but have still faced adversity, particularly against Old Dominion. The Hokies eclipse the Tar Heels in just about every important statistic and are 6.5-point favorites. That certainly doesn’t guarantee victory, but I do believe that the Hokies are genuinely better than the Heels. The wildcard is how VPI’s confidence recovers after the Notre Dame defeat. The Hokie defense should have no issue keeping up with the Tar Heel offense that allowed three scores for the Miami defense last week. Meanwhile, Willis and the offense will miss CJ Carroll’s locker room presences, but should continue to gel and be quite the handful for UNC’s defense.

35-21 Hokies

Bryan Manning

One thing I’m sure about, UNC is not good at football. The Hokies bounce back well from losses and I have no doubt they will on Saturday night. The game will be much closer than last year but the Hokies still win by double digits.

38-20 Hokies

Jawhar Ali

Virginia Tech on the road in North Carolina has already resulted in one successful result this season, and this trip should yield another win. The Tar Heels are laughably bad on defense and the Hokies should be able to carve them up at will. UNC can be dangerous offensively, but they are incredibly sporadic and will turn the football over. So yeah, in the same vein as others: UNC blows.

41-17 Hokies

John Schneider

It’s supposed to be decent weather and relatively cool. The Notre Dame game was oppressively humid, and the energy level trailed off as the game progressed. The physical toll has to have had an effect on practice this week. Divine looks like he’s back in the defensive backfield, at least part time. The team is going to be bummed out losing CJ Carroll (he was a popular player and a team leader). I also think that we have finally solved our “yips” when it comes to quarterbacks. Ryan Willis is solid and solidly in the saddle. This will be his third full week of drilling and prepping with the 1st team offense. The offensive line is starting to show signs of settling in, though Hoyt still needs to work with hand ball exercises to beat the snap infraction problem (in both cases the calls were extremely tickytac but they were what they were and the results were typical). Carolina is flat awful this season. They are struggling everywhere and their turnover rate looks like passing stats for the other teams that they have faced. So, it should be a cakewalk. Right. Sure. Keep believing that. Just hope that the Hokies don’t act like it. That’s a big part of what they did during the Norfolk Fiasco. My surmise is that Justin Fuente and Bud Foster have nipped that sort of stuff right in the bud. It remains to be seen if Tech can get some momentum going, but they should win this one.

38-17 Hokies


It’s Chapel Hill in early Fall. There will be a nip in the air, and the Heels are hurting for a win. So are the Hokies. What happens?

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  • 29%
    The Hokies pull into Chapel Hill with a functional offense and a struggling defense. The game is close but the Hokies win.
    (47 votes)
  • 8%
    The last game took too much out of the Hokies. Things aren’t going as planned this season and the Heels are hungry for something. Tar Heels take it by less than a TD.
    (13 votes)
  • 51%
    The Hokies come loaded for bear. They fix the offensive play execution issues, and the Defense has Divine back. Hokies light the after burner.
    (84 votes)
  • 11%
    Neither team establishes much of anything on either side of the ball so we get into a low grade shootout that the Hokies sneak through by a Brian Johnson kick.
    (18 votes)
162 votes total Vote Now

It all kicks off in Chapel Hill on ESPNU (or stream) at 7:00 PM.