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Virginia Tech Hokies vs. North Carolina Tar Heels: Halftime - Heels Lead 9-7

It’s half time and there is a ton of functionally odd going on for the Hokies. The defense is still getting gashed after getting teams in 3rd and long situations. It’s a close one at the moment.

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Virginia Tech
Not the O we expected
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The first quarter ended with something that really looked familiar. a 7-6 score with the favored team (Hokies) hanging on to a slim lead, and possessed of some sputtering on both sides of the ball.

The Hokie Defense grabbed a lucky fumble on a delay that actually netted Carolina about 7 yards. After some fits and starts, The short field drive, from just around Tar Heel Territory featured a nice out pass to Hazelton with a sparkling Cheeto keeper by Willis for a long run into the end zone for a Tech touchdown.

Then the Tech offensive wheels started to wobble a bit, and the defense kept getting stung by break out runs. The first Carolina field goal was set up by a long outside run that was, once again, the result of indiscipline by the Hokie Defensive Box. There was no contain and no flow over the top and only a lucky chase down from behind kept the ball out of the end zone. The Defense stiffened and forced a field goal.

The answering Tech drive stalled out again. Penalties, disappointing runs, and some issues with throws and catches resulted in a pass that bounced out of Damon Hazelton’s arms and into a Carolina defenders. It wasn’t Willis’s fault but the coverage on Hazelton is heavy today.

The 2nd quarter opened with a stalled Hokie drive, and a punt. The Hokie D is really struggling on this one. It’s not completely lost, but it’s losing critical leverage on key plays. Eventually Tech stopped Carolina’s 2nd quarter opener and got the ball back in good shape.

The Hokies traded a stalled effort back, and then coughed up too many yards on the punt return due to bad tackling. The drive stalled with an emphatic sack by Emmanuel Belmar, and then the Heels missed the Field Goal attempt which preserved the paper thin Tech 7-6 lead.

Spyed Willis... the guy who wasn’t supposed to play kills us again. Tech’s just not getting anything going on offense. Tech bailed on 3rd and long with a delay run to Steven Peoples, but Cornelsen and company were just not ready for this game.

With 7:00 to go in the first half, the Tar Heels take the field with the ball in decent territory, and promptly completed a 20 yard out pattern. The pass defense is not keeping the freshman Fortin from throwing the ball. Carolina went for it on 4th down and came up about 1 inch short. Turning the ball over to the Hokies.

The Hokies promptly went no where with the ball except for one good reverse roll screen to Steven Peoples. The punt was low and short. Carolina pulled a trick play out of the back of the pages and did the old WR lateral pass to the Tight end and nearly scored if Reggie Floyd hadn’t gotten back to the play and tackled him at the 9. Tech’s defense gets 2 or 3 good plays and then loses something on the last one. Carolina was stopped short of the goal line but kicked a 20 yard field goal to go ahead 9-7 with 49 seconds left in the half.

Hokies Offense ended the half sort of running nowhere and going no where, with three timeouts, none called, and no effort to get downfield to try for something like a -4 or something.

The Offense is just completely DISCOMBOBULATED.

Hokies 7 Heels 9, and that says it all.