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Gobbler Country’s: Hokie Evening News Round Up #9-1

Lots of action to go over. It was an up and down weekend for Hokie Sports. Men’s Soccer, Volleyball, Women’s Soccer were all in action besides the football team. Let’s take a trip around the scoring.

Hokie Bird is limber
John Schneider - SB Nation

A very mixed bag weekend for the middle of October and the middle of the season for other Hokie Fall sports.

Hokie Soccer


The Hokies took it to Pitt the evening of October 12, with a solid 3-1 win.

Here is a view of the long goal by David Sanz that sealed the deal and put the Hokies up by 2 goals which in Soccer is nearly impossible to make up.


The Women’s team didn’t do as well against the #3 Tar Heels as their football team compatriots. Scheduling a match during a nationally televised football game is sort of brutal. Hokies drop their first home game this season, though; 2-nil.


Tech fails to find the magic against Notre Dame dropping their match 3-0, and dropping their ACC record to 3-5. The over all record stays in positive territory, but Tech needs to find that winning formula, again.


There was one tackle everyone was really worried about at the football game (or maybe just after the game)!

Someone needs to remind Coach Fuente that Coach Foster is not the appropriate tackling dummy with which to demonstrate wrapping a tackle up, to his players (who seem to have difficulty accomplishing that feat, too often).

It was an amazing #LPD generated break, and 98 yard march to a touchdown and 2 point conversion, though! It’s great to see the coach(es) so happy about it, though Bud might have a few bruised ribs to go with that W.

Well, that was then. Now is Georgia Tech Next Thursday Night in Blacksburg. It’s time for Coaches Fuente and Foster to burn that particular hex.