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Gobbler Country’s: Hokie Evening News Round Up #9-3

So, what do you say on a Wednesday (which is usually pretty quiet anyway) before a bye week? Well the Men’s Soccer Team said a bunch last evening.

Lane Stadium. Thanksgiving Friday 2016. Will it be as cold this season?
John Schneider - SB Nation

Let us start off with some really great news! The Men’s Soccer Team shut the William and Mary Tribe out; 4-0! Four goals in soccer is equivalent to like 4 touchdowns and a few field goals thrown in. Way to go, gentlemen! Way to go!

Hokie Soccer


Congratulations always go to the goalie for the goose egg. The other guys helped but ultimately the goalie gets the bulk of the blame when the ball crosses the line. 4 Shutouts in a season is something.

Of course a toe in two scores will grab some attention, too.

Hokie Baseball

The Baseball Team is going through preseason intrasquad practice games. Of course, like the Spring Football Game, the Hokies always win.

Transfer Kerry Carpenter is going to make his presence known this season. If his stick stays as good as it has been in pre-season it’s going to be fun watching him play.

Hokie Football

Christian Darrisaw has made a serious impression on the NCAA football analysts. It seems that he has made a 24/7 Sports True Freshman All America List.

It’s sunny windy and very cool, here in B’Burg, so the practice this evening is going to feel easy. I’ll always remember the heat in pads, and when it finally got to be fall you were in much better shape, but the cool breeze and low sun angle just made evening practices so much better.

So let’s keep on looking and learning. We’ll be coming up with a list of games that are interesting to watch this weekend. In the mean time;