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Gobbler Country’s: Virginia Tech Hokies News Round Up #7-1

There were some other sports goings on, and some weekly awards doled out. The Men’s Soccer Team is now ranked #19. The Volleyball team dropped an ACC Heart breaker to NC State, and the Women’s Soccer Team blanked Pitt.

Last Season’s reminders in Lane
John Schneider - SB Nation

Hokie Volleyball

The volleyball team dropped a second ACC game, this time to NC State; 3-1. They’ll get it back they’ve managed to bounce back and still have a tremendously improved 11-5 record going.

Hokie Soccer

Men’s Team

How about that! The Men’s soccer team bumps up a few spots in the rankings after the 1-0 double overtime shutout of Syracuse.

Here is a sequence of the winning goal. We know everyone was absorbed and preoccupied with Duke anticipation, but the ACC win is critical.

They are playing South Carolina this evening. GO HOKIES!!!!

Women’s Team

The Hokies just nabbed another quality ACC Shutout, 2-nil, against Pittsburgh.

And the goose egg nabbed an ACC Defensive Player of the week award for Tech Goalie Mandy McGlynn. Way to go Defense!

Hokie Football

First of all we have to congratulate Reggie Floyd for his ACC Defensive Back of the week award, and Ryan Willis for his recognition as the ACC Quarterback of the Week. Both of them were standouts in a serious team effort.

Here is the link to today’s press conference. There were loads of things to talk about. You can tell how serious Coach Fuente is about this one, because the kudos have subsided, and the red grading pen is out. Notre Dame is going to be a tough game and I don’t think that Coach Fuente is particularly interested in the possibility of having to shrug off a ‘non-conference’ loss.

Hokie Nation

Virginia Tech Celebrated it’s 146 anniversary On October 1st. This place has changed greatly since the few sparse buildings of the converted Preston and Olin Institute. Even the name of the university has changed a few times. But it’s still us, and we’re still Hokie Nation.

Along with all of the things that go with Hokie Nation, the greatest thing is that we are family. That means Hokie Dads, Hokie Siblings, and Hokie Moms. We here at Gobbler Country would like to offer our love, prayers, and sympathy to Houshun Gaines on the loss of his mother. House, remember, now you have a special angel watching over you, always.

And with that we shall sign off for the evening with those thoughts and prayers.

Go Hokies!