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Gobbler Country’s: Hokie Evening News Round Up #9-5

With no football, it’s a good time to have one last go round of the Hokie Nation News. We are also going to drop some scores for consequential football games on you.

The view you get from the cornerback’s position
John Schneider - SB Nation

Hokie Soccer


It was a really close one, until it wasn’t. The Hokies down the Fighting Irish after a flurry of 2nd half scores, the Irish were leading 2-0 at the half time break. Of late, it’s an almost odd score for a soccer match; 5-2. It’s not only a miracle to come back two goals, but to dump 5 total into the net after being shutout in the 1st half is nearly unheard of. Great work Hokies!!

The Men’s team has a 9-4-2 record, unfortunately 3 losses and a Tie are ACC matches so the 3-3-1 ACC record looms in the ACC and NCAA Tournament selection game. The men also have two games left; non-conference Davidson on Oct 23rd, and then a home Senior Night Wrap up game against Duke. Needless to say it’d be best if the Hokies win out.


Of course we have to mention that 2-1 win for the Hokie women against the Irish on Thursday evening.

The win was critical. There are only two games left in the regular season, and the Hokies had dropped three in a row to ACC opponents; BC, Duke, and North Carolina. All of them are and were ranked. Carolina was #3 at the time of the match.

Senior night is tomorrow, when the Hokies take on the Clemson Tigers at Thompson Field. Then it’s on to Louisville for the final game of the 2018 regular season. Tech has an 8-5-3 overall season and a 4-4 ACC record. They’ll need to shine to make it to the three round ACC Championship tournament.


There have been a few setbacks over the last week and a half, but the Volleyball team kept rallying and fighting. Both teams kept coming back, and finally Tech nips Wake Forest in a grueling 5 game match.

Hokies in the NFL Coming Home for a visit

Terrell Edmunds showed up this weekend to give his old team some pointers and encouragement for the Thursday evening contest with Georgia Tech.

ACC Football

Clemson vs. North Carolina State

Currently as this is being written, Clemson is beating up the Wolf Pack 24-0. Thus making it obvious that NC State isn’t all that good, and Clemson is playing at a completely other level. Unless someone can do something to stop Dabo Swinney and crew, Clemson is going to continue to bleed the ACC of highly rated talent, and put the conference far behind the power curve when it comes to other programs making it past mundane.

Duke vs. Virginia

I watched the game and was really having difficulty keeping my lunch down. First, Duke isn’t really all that good. Daniel Jones was pretty inconsistent and threw two absolutely horrible passes into deep coverage and was picked off to stop promising drives. AND Duke’s defense had few answers for the Perkins to Zaccheaus, and Perkins does it all offense. The 28-14 end result was actually a bit closer than is shows but the insurance touchdown was all that the Hoos needed to put away Duke. On time of possession and number of yards burned up, the Hoos dominated the stat column.

Folks, the Commonwealth Cup is fully in play this season. Folks better stop bragging about holding it, or we are going to look pretty foolish. This Virginia team has a QB with an adequate passing technique and he can run. The Hoo Defense, which held us to a mere meager 10 points last season is for real.

As my old man used to say: “Son, you’ve been warned.”