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Gobbler Country’s: Hokie Evening News Round Up #10-1

Taking a look around the sports world for Tech. The Women’s Soccer team lost a heart breaker to Clemson, and the Volleyball team dropped a five set grinder to Duke. The season is dwindling for both teams. GO HOKIES!!!

Ricky Walker leads the team on to the field for the 2016 GT game
Joshua Schneider - SB Nation


Unfortunately the Volleyball team lost a grinder to Duke.

Hokie Soccer


The Hokies just couldn’t get the offense going, and Clemson put three across the goal line to take the match 3-1.


Kristo Strickler earns ACC Honors as player of the week.

The regular season is wrapping up with the final two starting tomorrow evening at 7 at Davidson.

Hokie Football

Sirs! The uniform of the day is regular home colors; Maroon Helmets, Maroon Jersies, and white pants! Sirs! (Sirs! It’s Orange Effect!) Is this the right uni? Doesn’t look particularly Orange. We’ll update if this turns out to be an OOPS...

The press conference is pretty long. See the link to the Facebook Page to check it out.

The Football Press Conference from 10/22

Lots of Prep going on. Coach Wiles sounded like he was reading off of my summary, well... my ego would love it. The fact remains that Coach Wiles knows perfectly well what needs to happen with the defense on Thursday night.