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Virginia Tech Hokies vs. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets: GC Staff Predictions

Well, it’s predictions time again. And it’s a mixed bag again. Time for you to chime in and take a shot, too. Might as well let everyone join in whatever pain or joy happens. GO HOKIES!!!!

Stopping the Quarterback Slant - 2nd option
Joshua Schneider - SB Nation

It’s time for the GC Staff to get with the predictions. I haven’t even been keeping track of the pluses and minuses since this season has been such an “interesting” one. Georgia Tech is an entirely different nut to crack. Which Tech prevails is entirely up in the air. The Yellow Jacket Triple Option is designed to burn up yards and clock. The Hokies must play defense to near perfection. They also must drive the field and score on nearly every possession. A punt for better field position might as well be negative points. So let’s see what the Gobbler Country Staff has to say.

Jay Johnson

The last showing the Virginia Tech Hokies presented, against the North Carolina Tar Heels, left much to be desired. But, the young team did fight back and took advantage of the opportunities they had to survive the Heels. The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets have not been able to acquire a victory over an FBS team with a winning record but did destroy the 1-7 Bowling Green Falcons and the 2-5 Louisville Cardinals. The eyeball test shows that the Hokies should have little issue dispatching the Yellow Jackets, but GT has consistently shown that they can compete with Virginia Tech regardless of optics, team metrics, or records. Much will depend on whether the defense can make the correct reads. They have the speed and athleticism to shut down a triple option team, but they will absolutely need to be disciplined and cover their assignments. Much relief can be garnered if the Hokie offense can stay on the field and get ahead, forcing GT to get away from their rushing game plan. I think the game will be hard fought, but Thursday night at lane is a special place and the homefield advantage will be strong.

35-21 Hokies

John Schneider

Half of me wants to say that the Jackets look sort of weak and flummoxed this season. They had a case of the dropsies last week and lost a game that they probably could have won. We made a miracle come from behind 98 yard 18 play drive that burned up nearly six minutes of clock. Do we remember that Hokie Offense? Or do we replay the first three quarters of the UNC game - going nowhere?

I am taking the tac that the Hokies made an offensive turn on that last drive, and improve enough to push it by a ball control offense. We might even get a defensive break or two. The Jacket’s ball control has been poor this season. I don’t think it will be a run away but maybe something closer to a minor shoot out.

31-24 Hokies

Bryan Manning

Call me crazy, but I think the Hokies are going to win Thursday night. Georgia Tech is going to give VT fits. The Yellow Jackets always do, however, this year the offense is going to do just enough to propel the Hokies to a big victory and will be 4-0 in ACC play by the end of Thursday night. It will be close but the Hokies are better and the defense will be solid and limit the big plays in the passing game that killed them last year.

34-23 Hokies

Joshua Schneider

I personally don’t think this is a game that the Hokies win. The defensive tackling has been poor to nonexistent a lot, and while the offense puts up yards, it often settles for 3s when it needs 6s/7s, and in a game against a team that plays ball possession and is just going to chew up clock, I think that the inconsistency of the Hokies will somehow outdo how inconsistent Georgia Tech is.

35-24 Yellow Jackets

Jawhar Ali

It has been nearly impossible to feel good about how the team has played over the first half of the season, specifically on the defensive side of the ball. That is worrisome with Georgia Tech coming into town, an opponent Fuente has yet to defeat. I don’t see this being a very high scoring game since GT loves to control the clock with their ground game. That will mess with the rhythm of the tempo offense for the Hokies. I could see this game turning out like each of the last two years, but I think coming off the bye week will really help this team.

26-23 Hokies


Now for the hard part. What do you think? How is this one going to go?

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  • 19%
    Hokies drive the ball early, score first and hold Georgia Tech to field goals to put it away comfortably.
    (67 votes)
  • 18%
    Yellow Jackets drive steady yards, play all four downs most of the game, and pop a few back breakers to score touchdowns in each quarter. They win a close one.
    (65 votes)
  • 38%
    Hokies have to use most of the clock and field to stop the Jackets and hold them to field goals. The offense generates enough to win a close one on the last drive.
    (131 votes)
  • 23%
    Yellow Jackets are pumped, they pull out all the stops and do everything in their playbook, trick plays, ambushes, break away runs. Hokies have no answer so the Jackets win in a run away.
    (80 votes)
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