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Official Gobbler Country Gamethread: Virginia Tech vs. Georgia Tech

Get into the Thursday Night groove with the official gamethread for

Joshua Schneider- Gobbler Country- SB Nation

Welcome to the official gamethread for the Hokies/Jackets annual bruhaha. This yeare the game has the same usual stakes, but with an added kicker: This game is the kind of game that’ll help determine the rest of the season. Without beating the lower standing team in the Jackets, the Hokies are going to have trouble keeping up in the Coastal standings if they want a hope of getting to the postseason in ACC play. The team has to keep the ball, score touchdowns and not field goals, and keep the Jackets off the field. Without that, this team is a bunch of dead ducks in the water. It’s going to take a huge effort from the defense- especially Ricky Walker, Rayshard Ashby, Dylan Rivers, Bryce Watts, and Caleb Farley and their tackling skills- to keep this game stable. So let’s go Hokies and get into the craziness that is Thursday Night in Blacksburg.