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Gobbler Country’s: Hokie Evening News Round Up #11-1

There have been more than a few items for the roundup this week. Both Women’s and Men’s Soccer Teams had problems with their final matches but were seeded in their respective ACC Tournaments. The women’s team dropped their opening match to UNC, but there is still NCAA hope for them.

The crowd arrives at the stadium.
John Schneider - SB Nation

Amid the football issues, there were some really good pieces of news for Hokie sports fans. Both of the soccer teams made their respective ACC playoffs, and the tournament has started. The women played their first match today, and the final was unknown at the first assembly of this article.

Both of the teams head into their playoffs with solid wins, and the home field advantage for

Hokie Soccer


The ACC Women’s Soccer Tournament was seeded which left them to face #7 Carolina:

Less than an hour ago, the women’s team fell 2-0 in a disappointing first round exit courtesy of the UNC Tar Heels.

The Hokie Women will have to wait to see if their record is good enough for entry into the NCAA tournament.

This is the best ACC performance for Hokie Women’s Soccer in quite a while. They made it a conference .500 by shutting out Louisville for the last match of the regular season. Their overall 9-7-3 record was an improvement over last season and certainly since 2015 in the ACC.


Men’s soccer ended entered the final match of the season against Duke but unfortunately couldn’t find the net. They fell to the ACC Duke Blue Devils 2-0 on Friday Oct 26.

The men’s team had a good enough ACC record at 3-4-1 for a 7th seed and a first round home field advantage for the ACC Men’s Soccer Tournament that starts on Halloween. Treats, please, no tricks, thank you. Their overall record of 9-5-3 might net them some good consideration for the NCAA tournament, as well.


The end of the season has been particularly tough on the Volleyball team. First they dropped a match to Miami, and then their effort against Florida State didn’t materialize.

The team still has six more match ups against major ACC opponents before the season wraps. There is some time to make up some ground. Tech is 13-11 overall, but still having stuggles in the ACC. In any case the record this season is a huge improvement over the 10-21 effort from 2017. They should be proud of the effort and improvement!


This came out from VT_Football. It pretty much sums the situation up.

More news will be coming as seasons wrap and the weather gets colder.