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Gobbler Country’s: Hokie News Evening Round Up #7-2

Gobbler Country participates in a Q&A with our Notre Dame sister site, men’s soccer suffers a loss, track and field earns a superlative, and wrestling secures their coach for a few more years!

NCAA Football: Virginia Tech at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Josh and I did a Q&A with One Foot Down, our Notre Dame Fighting Irish sister site! Be sure to check it out, and stand by for their response to our questions tomorrow at noon!

Maroon and orange effect will be in... uh... effect on Saturday night. Those of you lucky enough to be attending the game be sure to do your part!

Men’s Soccer

Virginia Tech suffered a home loss when they fell to the South Carolina Gamecocks. VT is now 6-3-2 on the season, and will next face the No. 3 North Carolina Tarheels.

Track and Field

Peter Seufer earned ACC co-performer accolades after winning gold in the 8k at the Paul Run Short meet. This is Seufer’s second victory. He finished with a time of 24:11, greatly assisting the Hokies with their overall second place in the meet.


Virginia Tech Hokies wrestling head coach, Tony Robie, inked a deal that extends his contract through the 2022-2023 season! Last year VT finished sixth in the NCAA Wrestling Championship.