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Virginia Tech Hokies vs. Notre Dame Fighting Irish: GC Game Thread

Well, it’s game time. This isn’t an ACC contest, but it is a Program contest. This is a statement game. It’s not an end of the world game, but it could be a defining moment for the program and then entire 2018 season. It’s humid and breezy but not warm or cool. This is cramp weather, and it’s also Lane Stadium. Focus. Concentrate. Play good football. Those things will be key for Tech. GO HOKIES!!!!

Night at Lane the Sandman Cometh
John Schneider - SB Nation

And we are live and ready! The crowd has been pumped up! The field is prepared, are the Hokies? We’ll see. All of the bragging, the hot air, and worrying are something about to be put behind us. It’s time to put it all on the field.