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Gobbler Country’s: Hokie News Evening Round Up #8-1

Taking a quick look around the Hokie Sports scene for the weekend. It seems that bum luck follows the entire sports program around. When one loses the all drop. Volleyball, Soccer, and even exhibition baseball flag for Columbus Day Weekend.


The Volleyball team took a 3-0 hit against Clemson. It was a disappointing drop to a 3-3 ACC record.

Hokie Soccer


The men’s soccer team didn’t do much better against North Carolina 2-1 at about the same time that the football team was beginning to struggle against Notre Dame. It was close but the team just couldn’t get the shots on goal to get past the line.


The Hokies dropped a 2-nil shutout to Duke.

Hokie Wrestling

The #3 ranked Hokie Wrestling Team was honored at the game last evening. Not only was their 2018 ACC Championship trophy on display, but Mekhi Lewis had his gold medal announced for the entire stadium full of roaring Hokies.

Frank Beamer Gets a Statue

They unveiled the new statue honoring College Football Hall of Fame Coach Mr. Hokie Nation, himself, Frank Beamer. It’s a pretty neat bronze in the southwest corner plaza of Lane Stadium, right up from Beamer Way. It’s going to be a prime selfie spot for many years to come.

The neat thing is that the first 5,000 fans who showed up to the stadium got a complimentary collector edition Frank Beamer Statuette for their Hokie memorabilia collection. My wife had a ticket to the game, and got in line to nab this one on the way in. Living in Blacksburg has its advantages.

The Frank Beamer Hall of Fame Statuette Given out at Lane Stadium October 6, 2018
John Schneider - SB Nation

We will be breaking down the football game this week. All is not lost. This was a very young Hokie Team facing off against a complete and very experienced Irish Team. We’ll dig deeper and have lots of photographs to show.