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Gobbler Country’s: Hokie News Evening Round Up #8-2

It’s time for a trip around the Hokie Sports community for October 9th.

Heading in for the half
John Schneider - SB Nation

It’s a typical Tuesday in Blacksburg. The School is concentrating on, er well, school. The weather has been odd, semi-cool, and is now rainy. Looks like we are going to get a few days of the wet stuff, again. Hopefully the cooler temeratures come with dryer weather by the end of the week.

Hokie Basketball


It’s basketball boot camp and they are chiming in with some superlatives.

Coach Williams is really becoming a fixture in Virginia Tech Athletics. He was at the football game with his recruits on the sideline, and supported Frank Beamer during the statue unveiling.


Coach Brooks is having some fun. Practice can be really serious and catching some laughs and a little up spirit is refreshing.

Hokie Football

Monday rest day for the Hokie football team. Tuesday everyone gets back to work and the focus is not on last Saturday; it’s get ready for North Carolina.

I do want everyone to see something very basic about the “loss” to Notre Dame. The difference in the game was 12 Tech points left on the field, and 2 accidental break aways for 14 points. The analysts who are saying that Notre Dame socked us in the mouth are full of it. The facts show otherwise, and given some maturity and experience, they are welcomed to make a run at these Hokies in a couple of seasons.

Sometimes the hype is really annoying.

For those who were not there. In the oppresive humidity of an early October evening in Blacksburg the stadium roared (In tune no less)!

Hokie Nation

We have, for historical personal reasons, a real soft spot in our hearts for the Corps of Cadets. We also honor those who serve to protect us (a certain Naval Aviation Officer on this staff included).

Congratulations go out to First Lieutenant Ryan Montgomery for being this week’s Hokie Hero. Flying the Hokie Nation Flag in Afghanistan.

That’s it for this evening. It’s back to editing pictures.