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Gobbler Country’s Hokie Sports Evening News Round Up #13-2

There aren’t any real scores to report on, but there are some big things happening today. Signings, signings, and more.

The William and Mary Game. It seems like yesterday, and it was HOT and HUMID!
John Schneider - SB Nation

Hokie Wrestling

It’s signing time for the wrestling team. Welcome Home Gentlemen!


The Volleyball team picked up a new player for 2019.

Media Stuff

To those of us who have been working the sidelines and having to deal with porta-potties, storage rooms, and gas fumes from gator trucks on breaks, this one will really be a welcomed relief.

Hokie Baseball

The start of the season is a few months away but the exhibition has been going on along with the intra-squad preseason activity. This will be the first full season in the new stadium (English Field at Union Bank Stadium). This season the pitching problem that plagued the Hokies will have to be addressed.

Hokie Football

Our friends over at 24/7 think that Eric Kumah was a bright spot in an otherwise disappointing Pitt game. We agree.

The Virginia Tech Athletic Program

This is all about STUDENT Athletes, after all, isn’t it?

Counting down to Miami and a chance at redeeming the season.