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Virginia Tech Hokies vs. Miami Hurricanes: GC Staff Predictions and the Poll

This is it! Big Game #1 for all of the marbles for the season. Win this and we still have to beat UVA to go bowling. Lose it, and we are out and the streak is done. What’s this one going to be. Take the poll, comment. GO HOKIES!!!

Everyone was stoked 2 years ago. Will we be this season?
John Schneider - SB Nation

The kickoff is at 3:30 in the middle of November as the temperatures begin to drop quickly into the high 30’s. The crowd might be a bit light. The kids bugged out for home this evening so Lane is likely to be less than full. Are the Hokies ready to play football for keeps? The season is on the line. The bowl streak is on the line. Some momentum and confidence going into Friday’s contest with the Wahoos is also on the line. It’s all on the line.

Jay Johnson - Record doesn’t matter anymore

Mark Richt and the Miami-Florida Hurricanes are facing their own third-year coaching transition woes. After starting pre-season ranked in the Top 10 the ‘Canes are riding a four-game losing streak into Blacksburg. While Miami’s losses have looked more manageable than those suffered by Virginia Tech I believe the Hokies match up well against the Hurricanes. The weaknesses in Miami’s offense line up with VT’s own defensive deficiencies. Miami has a quarterback controversy on their hands and have struggled with play at the position all year. Travis Homer and D.J. Dallas represent a respectable RB duo, and I would expect to mostly see the shifty Malik Rosier under center for most the afternoon. VT’s defense doesn’t need to be perfect, it simply needs to hold the Miami offense to mortal-ish numbers and force them into passing situations. If we see the same level of effort and passion from Ryan Willis and Steven Peoples, that we saw last week, then such a defensive performance should be enough for the Hokie offense to break the three-game home losing streak.

34 - 28 Hokies

John Schneider - Record is embarassing

Tech has to figure out how to just let the offense run what it can and score points. Stop trying to control the game, get Ryan Willis into a decent rhythm flood the zone underneath with Steven Peoples, Phil Patterson, Eric Kumah, Hezekiah Grimsley and Damon Hazelton. Move the ball through the air. Roll the pocket. Miami’s defense is still good enough to put a hurt on us if we tank plays into the line. We have to be innovative to move the ball. The defense is going to have to tackle. Miami has two good runningbacks and at least one running quarterback. We have to shut down their run and make them throw. We need the offense to stand on the accelerator. I just don’t see Brad Cornelsen having the chutzpah to pull it off. He’s got players who will do their best, but I don’t see the coaching confidence enough to sustain an entire game. The bowl streak ends.

28-24 Miami

Bryan Manning - Record that he doesn’t want to talk about

I’m not sure about this one. Same feeling I’ve had for the past month. But this Miami team stinks. They’re a lot like the 2018 Hokies. That’s why I think Tech can win this one. I believe the Hokies have better QB play and I think that could be the difference in the game. While the defense won’t be great, it’ll be much better and that’s why Tech squeaks this one out.

Hokies 27, Miami 24

Joshua Schneider - He’s probably been more right than any of us.

It’s the stoppable force (Miami’s offense) vs. the movable object (Virginia Tech’s Defense)...problem is despite how poor both ends those have been, Miami’s defense has been more than passable by any stretch and Tech’s offense has spluttered for weeks straight. I figure Tech does what it does by this point: Competitive for a time then falling flat on its face by or around halftime.

27-17 Miami

Jawhar Ali

This is a matchup between two bad football teams, something no one saw coming in August. And right now, the Hokies are worse than bad. I don’t really see them being able to contain Deejay Dallas for most of the game, as his speed will test the Hokies’ young front seven. Miami still has some playmakers on defense who will be sure to take advantage of the offense’s ineptitude. This season has been miserable, and it will continue to be miserable.

34-20 Miami


So, let’s get the polling party started, what do you think?

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  • 21%
    The Hokies just don’t have enough in them to get this done. The defense is so shaky that even Liberty would be a big challenge. We go down in a tight game at less than a 50 over/under
    (32 votes)
  • 16%
    The Hokies get their backs up. The defense gets a couple of key players back and the offense moves the ball to score at least 7 a quarter. Tech takes a close one at less than a 50 over/under
    (25 votes)
  • 44%
    The Hokies start off well, and then the play calling and execution fade out by the 2nd half. Miami glues together a running game and burns the defense repeatedly. We see a repeat of Pitt.
    (68 votes)
  • 17%
    Miami’s offense is more dreadful than our defense. It’s a Hokie pass versus Miami Run shootout with the Hokies scoring last for the win.
    (27 votes)
152 votes total Vote Now