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Hokies Miracle Comback: Tech Keeps the Cup in Overtime Drama

The Virginia Tech Hokies lose the lead, the come storming back to tie the game to take it to overtime. A day of football miracles for the Hokies sets them up for a 12th game and a potential Bowl Bid.

NCAA Football: Virginia at Virginia Tech
We will have our own pictures I might be in there somewhere. GO HOKIES!!!
Lee Luther Jr.-USA TODAY Sports

We were wrong!!!! And we are so thrilled that it doesn’t matter a bit. The Virginia Tech Hokies defeat the University of Virginia 34-31 (fixed - ed.) in an almost even thiller which included a trip to Beamer Ball with a blocked plunt for a touchdown. The story was almost worse than Boston College. There was a bright spot in the 3rd quarter is a score for a change. Brian Johnson finally broke his left hash curse by kicking a field goal after missing more than I care to count including one earlier in the game.

Bryce Perkins is huge and dangerous. The Hokie defense struggled at times but in the end it got the three critical stops that tied and then won the football game on a Bryce Perkins fumble and recovery by Emmanuel Belmar.

We are both exhausted, and I am just managing to thaw out. Joshua will be going Live on Facebook in a minute or two.

What a thriller.