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Gobbler Country’s Hokie Sports Evening News Round Up #15-1

Hokies have a few things other than scrambling around dealing with the new Marshall Game on Saturday. The Men’s Soccer team finally ended its run. Two coaches hit 50. Ranked Wrestlers ahead of the ACC Championships. Lots more.

Visiting dignitaries for the UVA Game
John Schneider - SB Nation

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were chock full of events and things going on. We know the obvious and will touch on some football things near the end, but we need to mention the other sports wrapping up seasons this week.

Hokie Soccer


The men’s team finally ended its 2018 journey with a loss at home against JMU. We know that set of letters from football, but in soccer, JMU is a potent team with a head of steam going on. They’ll advance to their Elite Eight. Meanwhile the Hokies can enjoy a successful season, a good recruiting run, and getting ready for 2019.


Tech signs another promising recruit, Sammie London.

These were the individual national rankings for the Hokie Grapplers. Pretty impressive slate of athletes.

Hokie Basketball


The Hokie women of the hardboards did some serious damage to the Richmond Spiders this afternoon. The score wasn’t close.

Coach Brooks nabs 50 wins as a Hokie HC.

And the team is undefeated at 7-0. They are headed home for a home stand.


Hokies move to 5-0 with a big win over Saint Francis, yesterday.

DeAngelo Hall was visiting campus for the weekend, and spent some time with Coach Williams and the basketball team.

Hokie Football

Coach Fuente reached his 50 win mark. It’s the 25th as a Hokie HC! What a way to get it, too.

There is little doubt that Tre Turner probably deserved the biggest game ball for his amazing performance on offense and special teams.

You remember who did the 3rd quarter hype gig, right? The one and only... Sam Rogers

Still would rather them put back the Hokie Poky. We could still have Sam (and other famous guests) doing the pump up, but only after doing the Hokie Poky with the tuba sections. I miss that.

And yes, I was there... numb.. in agony... and not noticing it at all. I had camera in hand and the pictures will be forth coming. Again, over 3,000 and lots of really cool shots to show you.

Marshall is up next. Let’s go 1-0 against the Thundering Herd. Gobbler Country will be there, too.