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Virginia Tech Hokies vs. Marshall Thundering Herd: Gobbler Country Staff Predictions

It’s been a few years since Tech played Marshall. The two schools haven’t teed up and kicked off against one another since 2013.

Warmup time. It’s Classic Colors in this one, again.
John Schneider - SB Nation

Virginia Tech has met Marshall twelve times since 1913, and only once did we get to Huntington (2011). Tech has dominated the “series” with 10 wins; losing to the Herd in 1939 and again in 1940 playing down the road in Bluefield.

This isn’t going to be an easy game to figure out. We haven’t been paying much attention to Conference USA, at all, this season. That’s going to make this a bit of a predictions challenge. Any other season, even the shaky 2012-2015 period, I’d give us the easy edge; but that’s not really very prudent this time.

John Schneider - Very Pleased that I was wrong last week...

Marshall has a good deal of experience. Their team is loaded with Juniors and Seniors with several full season’s of snap experience and an 8-3 record to go with it’s trip to Blacksburg. They’ve played here before, and aren’t going to be surprised by any pageantry. This is all about football and who buckles up to win the football game tomorrow. We have everything at stake for the season. Win and we get to pick a booger; lose and it’s Home for the Holidays for the team and staff. I think the Hokies want to win this one. The bowl streak stays alive.

31-24 Hokies

Joshua Warner - The Noobie got it right last week even if he didn’t get to a full prediction...

I expect a sloppy one on Saturday. The Hokies defense should be fine, but the tech offensive will probably be hit-or-miss like it has all season. If that’s the case, we better watch out. The Thundering Herd’s defense is experienced, disciplined and could cause a lot of trouble against our young and struggling O-Line. This is our second week with our back against the wall and I’m hoping we bring the same intensity we had in the 4th quarter against UVA and grab a bowl game.

Virginia Tech 31-17

Bryan Manning - Another happy wrong person

It would be so emblematic of the 2018 football season with the Virginia Tech Hokies, who just beat Virginia last week, to lose this week to Marshall. Is that going to happen? I don’t think so. I think Marshall is a good team and will put up quite the fight, however, the Hokies will do just enough on both sides of the ball in this one to get the win and go bowling again.

Hokies 31 Marshall 24

Joshua Schneider - Eeyore is still funny on Twitter

Marshall is a decent team from the Group of 5; the Hokies are a not great team from the bottom of the ACC. Nothing from the last game told me anything otherwise despite the win. I think it’s a fifty-fifty game and I’m leaning negative.

Hokies 24 Marshall 27

Jawhar Ali - Having his worst exam week and isn’t in school anymore

It would be a very Virginia Tech result if they lost to Marshall after stealing a win against UVA. Look, this team still isn’t very good. They make a ton of mistakes and the coaching has not been up to par. But I really do think this group wants to get to a bowl game to provide a spark of momentum they can carry into the offseason. My optimism isn’t undying - there is a very real possibility Tech loses this game and goes 0-2 this season versus Conference USA. The Hokies need to come out with the same desperation this game as they showed in the fourth quarter against the ‘Hoos. I’ll take the Hokies to cover the -4.5 spread Vegas has for this game.

Hokies 34-24

Jay Johnson - We want him to be gloomy we won when he was

Marshall has achieved its 8-3 record off the effort of their defense. The Thundering Herd are No. 13 in overall total yards allowed. They have a top five effort in their No. 4 Rushing defense which allowed only 1105 yards and 13 touchdowns. The Herd also boast the 10th most sacks (36), and did that having only played 11 games. Their offense, on the other hand, is one of the least productive in the FBS, ranking No. 110 overall (4162 yards on the year). The only other Power 5 team Marshall faced was NCST, who they lost to, 37-20. I know that the Hokies have had their woes, but I think they have this one. Sorry! Back to optimism! Hokies at home with something to fight for? VT takes this.

35-24, Hokies!


Simple. At 5:00 PM tomorrow, are we going bowling?

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This one is just really simple, there are no two ways about it. The post season wrapped up in one game against an opponent who can beat us.