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Gobbler Country’s: Hokie Evening News Round Up #12-2

Time for a Monday trip around the Hokie Sports Scene. The Women’s Soccer Team got great news, and Some Hokies in the NFL Showing up.

Hokie Bird doing some crowd control at Homecoming
John Schneider - SB Nation

It’s never really hugely busy on a Monday, but good news needs to be reported. The Women’s Soccer team makes it to the post season NCAA Tournament.

Hokie Soccer


So, that makes 10 times in the post season tournament. Way to go Hokies!

Let’s see you beat Texas!

Meanwhile the men’s program has to wait a full week before finding out.

[Insert Final Jeopardy theme here]

Hokie Football

The drumbeat for heads to roll is brutal and very disappointing. This program is beat up and playing with lots of heart at a serious talent and experience deficit every time they take the field, now. Coach Fuente goes over the ramp up in preparation for heading out to Pitt.


The grapplers started off with a really solid outing in the Hokie Open held in Roanoke at Beruglund Center. Some really nice individual efforts are noted for Mitch Moore and Gold Medalist Mekhi Lewis.

It was a really solid effort for a kick starter to the season.

Around Virginia Tech

The Virginia Tech Campus was rated #2 in one of those who’s your whatis sorts of rating things. But we all knew how wonderful it is, didn’t we?

Zachary Byrd gets named Homecoming Game Hokie Hero

Thank you for your service young man!

So that’s the wrap for the evening. Jay’s got the update tomorrow. We’ll keep filling you in with the interesting stuff.