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Virginia Tech Hokies up 31 to 6 over the Thundering Herd

Virginia Tech Hokies show the offensive balance that they have been lacking this season. Good play calling, nice passing, and good results. 31 to 6 Hokies over Marshall

NCAA Football: Marshall at Virginia Tech
Willis is the man for the game today.
Lee Luther Jr.-USA TODAY Sports

The question of the season will be this game’s. Where the heck was this offense all season?

The Hokies started off the game with a huge defensive play when the Herd fumbled the ball on their opening at the 17 yard line. Hokies didn’t seem to get the message that it was the short field get a quick take it to the house sort of play series. Tech ended up with a 3 and some momentum.

The next series the Herd drove the ball into the danger zone after an accidental blown breakaway run by Brenden Knox... Watts stopped the run on the 3 yard line, and the proceeded to save the entire series with a beautiful interception in the back corner of the south end zone.

Tech’s momentum started to build up with a really nice 1st quarter drive that featured some good passing plays in the intermediate range.

Eventually the Tech Offense started to control things. The defense still had some serious problems with tackling but got enough control to keep Marshall’s scoring down to a single touchdown unaided by an extra point.

Right now Ryan Willis has 254 yards, 4 touchdowns - all in the air, and a nice spread of receivers between Grimsely, 2 for 64; Kumah 3 for 61; Turner 2 for 61; and then Keene with 2 for 5 that netted a critical 1st down.

We are seeing some of the balanced offense that we should have been seeing all year.

Time for the 2nd half to start. GO HOKIES!!!!