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Gobbler Country Headed to the Military Bowl on New Year’s Eve

Josh and John head to Annapolis, Maryland on December 31 to cover the Military Bowl. Josh will be tweeting and commenting from the press box, and John will be on the field with camera in hand. GO HOKIES!!!

Yes! That’s right Ryan. You’ll see Gobbler Country at the Military Bowl
John Schneider - SB Nation

Joshua and John are headed to the Military Bowl. We’ll try to cover the early up and some of the crowd activities and early morning traffic into Annapolis from our stopping point in NOVA.

Looks like things are going to be really cozy for the press box, good thing that I’ll be able to stretch my legs and take pictures from the sideline. Hopefully it won’t be too cold, the wind chill on the Severn is pretty stiff this time of year.

As always Josh will be tweeting up a storm, and maybe he’ll be especially tart after getting up at Zero Dark Hundred to drive out to Annapolis.

Previews and more are coming over the next couple of weeks. We know next to nothing about the Bearcats; except that they are good and ranked this season. Hokies need to build on their two prior games and keep the momentum up as we leave 2018 behind.

It’s off to the Military Bowl for Gobbler Country
Military Bowl Committee