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Virginia Tech Hokies defeat Washington Huskies: 73-61

The Hokies looked like they were going to cruise to a huge win, then the first half of the 2nd seemed to give them some fits. The team picked it up again, and walked away at the end.

NCAA Basketball: South Carolina State at Virginia Tech
Justin Roblinson making his move against South Carolina State
Michael Shroyer-USA TODAY Sports

The Virginia Tech Hokies made a great first impression at the Boardwalk Classic in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The Hokies Men’s Basketball Team really shined against the Washington Huskies for 34 ‘s of a game. Tech dominated the first half with smothering outside defense, and a flurry of big three pointers to jump out to what would be an insurmountable lead.

Players of note:

Nickeil Alexander-Walker - 24 points (2-4 for 3 - so most of his work was inside)

Kerry Blackshear, Jr. - 10 points (6 on free throws - his defensive screen was stifling)

Ahmed Hill - 10 points (4 from the charity stripe, and 2 buckets from 3)

Justin Robinson - 10 points (even spread of foul shots, field goals, and 3’s)

It was a team win. No one was flaming hot, and no one went truly cold other than a slightly worrying early 2nd half when the the Huskies found the range from 3, and the Hokies seemed to be losing the handle on the ball or finding that at lid was clamped on the bucket.

Overall though, the Huskies only got within 7 for a few seconds before Buzz got Tech back on track on offense and the exchanges began to favor the Hokies. Eventually the last 10 seconds were the Fighting Gobblers of Virginia Tech holding the ball to freeze it, at a solid 12 point victory margin.

Additional Note of Congratulations should be offered to:

Justin Robinson and Kerry Blackshear, Jr. both earned their Bachelors’ degrees. They missed Fall Commencement because of the tournament, but will get a chance to walk in the Spring. CONGRATULATIONS to both of them!

The next scheduled game is against North Carolina A&T on December 19.