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Virginia Tech Hokies meet National Signing Day: The Early Edition

You wouldn’t think that today is really important, but if you really want to see this team get better, and get relevant in the top 25, again, the players committing today will be critical. Lots on the board. Josh Warner will be commenting. Join him with your observations.

This generation is just starting. Who is the next?
John Schneider - SB Nation

Who is signing on the dotted line, early? Normally it’s a bit later in the year, but for the 2nd time we have an Early Signing Day. Letters of Intent can show up all this week, but the bulk of those wanting to get started early will be coming in after just after 10:00 this morning.

Hang with our new student writer, Josh Warner, who will be commenting as each of the new signees gets their letter in. Let’s see how many commits seal the deal.

We are going to try to borrow a Buzzketball hash tag at the end of this...