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Virginia Tech Hokies Sign Cam Goode Defensive Tackle from St. Johns in DC

At 6 feet and 332 Cam Goode is going to scare lots of opposing Centers and Guards. He’s slated for the defensive line in general, but someone that size and strength is bound for the Nose.

Enter Sandman all around!
John Schneider - SB Nation

Cam Goode from St. Johns College (it’s a high school folks, trust me) in Washington, DC has signed his letter of intent, and is headed out I-66 and down I-81 for the next few years. He looks well suited at 6”0” and 330+ for hammering on Centers, Guards, and stuffing that inside run. He might be listed as a “DL” but he’s got “NT” written all over his resume.

Welcome to Hokie Nation, Cam!

Can’t wait until you see Lane Stadium Jumpin’ for you! You’re going to love it.


In the Trenches is where Cam Goes
John Schneider - SB Nation