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Jesse Hanson adds to Hokies Recruiting Momentum

The day after the class of 2018 ended, 2019 rolls on with a commitment from Jesse Hanson of Daleville, VA

Credit Student Sports Flickr

So it’s the day after signing day for the class of 2018, and, well, looks like Coach Fuente and the gang aren’t done picking up good players yet. So today they’ve got another commitment, and this one starts what could hopefully be a big offensive line class. Jesse Hanson, a guard from Daleville, VA, joined up with #EnterNight19. Currently- and this all comes with a grain of salt because it’s early- he’s rated as a three star offensive guard by Rivals, unrated by 247, and unlisted by ESPN (which is because they BARELY do recruiting until a class is the current class, outside of like the top 300ish recruits in the US). We’ll see where it ends up, but in all likelihood, he’ll end up as a mid-to-high three star or a low four star if everything breaks right. Right now because the numbers in the class are so low, he’s only the third commitment, and the second from Virginia (joining Jahad Carter in that category). Since he’s from Daleville, he’s a relatively local recruit.

Also, apparently, that other Virginia school has alumni that were hassling him.

Boo. I need to feel better.


Let’s check the tape.

Jesse Hanson (Daleville, VA. 6’-4”, 290lbs. Offensive Guard)

Hanson sits right at that precarious border of ‘Oh boy this guy is really good’ and ‘Oh dear he needs work and might just be a mauler due to his size’. He definitely has one of the most extensive reels of highlight tape I’ve seen, and he’s a highly ranked guard recruit for a reason. But I’d say that he soffers from a couple things, while excelling at others. First good point is that he’s got experience playing at guard and tackle, which helps his versatility. Right now he fights more the taller guard body type, which is fine. I like his quickness and his feet- he does a LOT of pulling in his current offense, which is going to be necessary for the interior traps and counters that a lot of these shotgun running games rely on. He’s really strong and is VERY good at moving his person out of the hole. But there are a couple things that need cleaning up. I’m not sure what the refs are looking at down there versus what they look at in almost every other football game I’m watching, but Hanson is NOT overly good at keeping his hands inside and getting fit. He mauls people, sure, but it’s with a lot of outside arm action- stuff that refs would tag us with for sure playing in football in NoVA. He’s not simply going to be able to swallow up people at this level. I like his field-mean disposition and the want-to, but I am wary of how it will actually come out on a college field with college referees.

Welcome to the class, Jesse. Hold the door open, I think many more are coming.