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Tyrod Taylor Traded to the Cleveland Browns

Buffalo Bills v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

The Buffalo Bills traded their three-year starting quarterback, Tyrod Taylor, to the Cleveland Browns this past Friday. The winless Browns gave up their overall No. 65 pick (third round) in the 2018 NFL Draft for the former Virginia Tech Hokies signal caller. The move frees up almost $10.5 million for Buffalo and leaves Nathan Peterman, the first-year passer out of Pittsburgh, as the only QB under contract.

Despite their 2017 woes, Cleveland has spent the last few years collecting young talent through the draft and this year they are already hard at work in free-agency. The largest impact for Taylor comes from a move that sends Jarvis Landry from the Miami Dolphins up north to the Browns. Landry and Josh Gordon will make a potent wide receiver duo. The expectation is that the Cleveland Browns will pursue a QB early in the draft, maybe even with the overall first pick, but imagine if they went ahead and drafted Saquon Barkley instead? The newly revamped Browns offense could be extremely potent.

Last year Tyrod Taylor led the Buffalo Bills into the AFC Wildcard card where they were defeated by the Jacksonville Jaguars, 3-10. During the 2017 regular season Tyrod completed 263 / 420 (62.4%) for 2,799 yards, threw 14 TDs, and only tossed four interceptions. On the ground he was responsible for 84 rushing attempts, 427 yards, four touchdowns, and four total fumbles. The post season was less amenable with Tyrod completing 17 / 37 (45.9%) for 134 yards and one interception. He didn’t find much purchase on the ground either, accumulating only 27 yards on seven attempts.

It’s exciting to see the seven-year NFL veteran and Hokie all-star continue his professional career! Best of luck in Cleveland Mr. Taylor!

Go Hokies!!!